No installation is the same, and should never be treated as such. Our trained team of professionals will put together a design-build solution to meet your needs in an orderly turn around time. All equipment installed by ESP contains the latest technology and comes with a full warranty.


Tour Transportation: We can provide small trailers, box trucks, or even tractor/trailer trucking services for your club or convention tours. We can also transport your registration and production equipment, merchandise, or musical instruments to save your production money while offering supreme flexibility and capacity. All our drivers are experienced specialists.

In a jam? We can make it happen, so you can move on to the next emergency.


Lighting is used to illuminate, enhance, & visibly reinforce the overall presentation. We enhance your event by using the right mix of conventional lighting, LED, and intelligent moving fixtures. The audience will be drawn into the event without being distracted by the lighting itself. From clean, even stage washes to rich vibrant beams of color, ESP Lighting can provide the technology for a mesmerizing light show or a simple stage presence. Our lighting designers will work with you to create a lighting package that will compliment your particular event and budget.


At ESP, we understand your event is like none other. Your goals, budget, and setting are different from the next guy's. With that in mind, we want to do yours right. We will personally work with you to design a production package based around needs of your particular event. Because your event is unique, we will bid it on an individual basis.


Clear and intelligent sound is an important part of creating a successful event. ESP has worked with groups of all sizes in venues ranging from small conference rooms to large convention centers. Our team of experts will personally work with you to design a system based around the needs of your particular event.

At ESP we offer equipment such as: Yamaha, Midas, D.A.S., Shure, Klark Teknik, QSC, Crown, Dbx, and MiPro.




Do you need some production equipment for your next event or tour? Does your club or venue need a little something extra? Please contact us for any rental or sales quotes.


We offer many services to enhance the audio for churches and worship services. We can come to your church site and optimize your sound system, repair or replace any of your equipment/cabling, and/or even teach volunteer staff how to use your current gear. Researchers have found that a good sound system has a significant impact on regular church attendance. Here's the reason: your audience is more discerning of quality audio at every age level because they are exposed to better sound technology everywhere.  When delivering a message that is so important, you can trust ESP to design your sound system with confidence. To get more info on our services, please contact us.